Future Landscapes

v. Effects | Lighting, Brushes, Textures

v. Effects | Lighting, Brushes, Textures


i.e., the fun stuff:

-Already talked about the lighting / color layer and using brushes to add/remove from a layer mask

-But what about using brushes to accentuate or add to the image?

-Adding lighting with brushes

-Adding vegetation with brushes

-Light streaks : how to create light streaks, headlights, or neon effects

-How to screen in images of lighting

-How to use sun flare / light flares

-Creating light from dark in night images


-How to add snow, rain, and use motion blur to create windy effects

-Adding clouds, mist, atmospheric effects with brushes

-Wetness, reflections

Textures and Patterns:

-How to use patterns in layer styles to add texture to an object (i.e., concrete, a path, road, etc.)

-How to use patterns in a plan or orthagonal drawing to good effect

-Selecting an area and filling it with a texture (grass, concrete, paving, etc.)


-fill in a planted area from a sketch provided; from background to foreground, using images, brushes, layer masks, textures, and light