The End (for reals yo)

That's it!

The presentation went really great. And, since this is my blog and I get to brag, I earned a 12 (which for non-Danishes is the top grade!)

Check out my awesome presentation on issuu here.

You can also view my project on my website, here.

I feel pretty amazing!

I'm going to Barcelona now.... holiday time!

It's almost over!

I defy you to find me an architecture student who is completely at peace with their thesis once it has been printed. I made a spelling mistake in the text and it almost broke me even though I live in a place where English is not the first language of my peers.

dear computer,

You have been working very hard lately. Probably too hard. I understand your voracious desire for updates (especially you, windows vista) and rest, but I really really really need you to work with me here. My 3D models are not sacrificial virgins. My photoshop files are not computer food. You cannot simply eliminate files out of spite or randomly decide you don't have enough memory when you clearly do.

I have been really nice to you! I clean you regularly, try not to duplicate file names, back you up, and stare at you lovingly for many hours a day. When I am done here, you get to have 6 whole weeks of unadulterated sleep. Think about that! Dream about that! But in the meantime, please pull your socks up and keep slogging away.

All my love,


2 weeks countdown.

Printing and pin-up is in 2 weeks and my wonderful supervisor decides this is the perfect time to tell me to rethink my whole strategy. Why do I get the feeling that I should get used to this in my career?

In a nutshell,


One of the suggestions at the midterm 2 crit was to make a 'key image' -- a sort of descriptive abstraction showing how the new edge is good for both people and fish/wildlife.

Fire + butt

It is crazy. One minute you are like 'I don't know what to do, wah wah wah, I'm going to lounge around with coffee and worry about my dirty house.'

The next you are like 'WTF only 5 weeks left I have a metric butt-crap-tonne of work to do, no time, must not sleep soundly ever again.'

That moment happened for me last night at approximately 11:23pm, seconds before I should have been dreaming happily of sunshine and chocolate. Instead I had nightmares of my penultimate thesis presentation taking place on a construction site with 3 of my former Dalhousie colleagues. (that's how you can tell it was a nightmare).

Today: one small errand to do and then nothing but work work work. I have squillions of things to do.