Future Landscapes


On Hold.

Yep, still here in Toronto. Fascinating story.


The news is that Jed is in Rwanda, and he's just applied today for his residence permit. That means that - one way or another - we should have some indication of what's going on within 2-ish weeks.






There are so many uncomfortable feelings right now. It's been an uncomfortable summer. The time of positive, decisive action is over and the period of ambiguous, hazy grey areas has begun.

I am repressing memories of the last 3 weeks because I just am. They sucked, more or less. 


For the first time in life, I don't actually know what the desirable outcome of this situation is. I don't really want to continue living in Toronto but I'm no longer convinced about living in Kigali either. I have no desire to cross-examine every potential city we've ever expressed interest in as a candidate for 'where to build future life'. I don't even really have a plan for what future life involves right now. Everything is on hold until further notice. I just... can't.


I'm hoping for the wings of fate to come along and help me here, and until then I'm becoming a crusty basement troll and/or listening to every 2 Dope Queens podcast ever made.