Future Landscapes


Kreuzberg / Neukölln

Our first week in Berlin has been mostly taken up searching for apartments. We've finally managed to find something through luck (is there any other way to find apartments?) and now I feel like we can relax a bit.

We're still trying to get over how cheap everything is. Whenever we go to the store and buy food, we're like 'HOW IS THIS SO CHEAP??'

The only snag we've run into so far is: they don't take credit cards... at all. Anywhere.


Fine, understandable for small grocery stores. But restaurants? IKEA? Major department stores? Mom's all like 'it's a cash based society, blah blah blah' but if this were true, there would be more banks around. I demand consistency! 

We've started hanging out around our new neighborhood. It's such a great area! The best part is definitely the canal that runs through the southern part of the city. Walking along is just the best on a sunny afternoon :)