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can anyone explain why it would be a 'catastrophe' for Greece to leave the Euro?

Or maybe a better question is: WHO would it be a catastrophe for?

[My inner inklings tell me the people affected most would be bankers and investors who have buttcraptonnes of money.]

Please feel free to berate me with my own ignorance about this issue but:

If you ignore the radio and newspapers as I am wont to do, especially since we haven't been able to stream anything with our slow internet for the past two months, you would never know that there was a eurozone crisis going on - at least not in Germany.

Which apparently it isn't (going on, I mean), because the last time I listened to the radio in February it was all 'It would be a catastrophe if Greece left the Eurozone and we must Austere them into the ground and we must meet constantly to discuss the specific terms and conditions of how exactly we shall "save" the Euro"

Fast forward to now, and I am STILL seeing / hearing the exact same sentences come out of people's mouths, following elections in France and Greece. 'THE GREEKS HATE AUSTERITY AND WANT OUT OF THE EURO IT'S A CATASTROPHE'

Here is my question. If the situation hasn't changed in the last 8-10 months and nothing has been approved for either austerity or bailouts... doesn't that kind of show that your actions are having literally zero impact on the situation one way or the other? Couldn't we all just call it a day instead of spending countless paid man-hours attempting to force austerity on a country that doesn't want it? Couldn't we use the catering budget for these all important talks for something more beneficial?

Please tell me, exactly what would happen if the Greeks (who should never have been part of the Eurozone due to known corruption) were suddenly using the drachma rather than the Euro? I mean, in day-to-day terms that break it down for me in how this would impact my daily life?

Maybe I am missing some important point here. But if Greece decides it wants out of the Euro, who the hell am I to complain? If people vote for no to Austerity in democratically held elections, are you *really* going to beat them over the head for it?

I say: if this is indeed misguided idiocy at work, LET IT HAPPEN.

If banks are going to fail because people voted for no more austerity, LET IT HAPPEN.

Call my crazy BUT.... What if the Greeks are RIGHT and they have a better way to do things outside of the Eurozone?

***UPDATE 15-NOV-2012***

After a day of intense anti-austerity protests in Spain and Portugal, high-ranking officials are stating freely that austerity is a dead end.