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Apartments and Life and Contracts and...

Here is some excellent news: bossman told me that they are very happy with my work and want to renew my contract... indefinitely! As in no end date! As in... job security and a raise! He also said they would do whatever possible to help extend my visa. Who's feeling good today? Me. That's who.

*horsewhips unemployment*

Now we just really, really, really  need an apartment. There were lots of postings today and we've got a few more apartments lined up to view this week. I am asking you all to concurrently cross your fingers, arms, eyes, legs, and whatever else can be crossed without jinxing our luck. Here are some key phrases you can keep in mind whilst thinking of us: "sunny balcony" "charming old building with hardwood floors" "high ceilings" "cozy neighborhood" "tastefully furnished" and my favorite: "500 euro/month inclusive"

Thursday is a holiday; in fact, it is my FAVORITE European holiday of all time: CHRISTI HIMMELFAHRT. It translates to 'ascension' (literally: sky ride) and it is one of the many post-Easter holidays that are only holidays in Europe where people apparently still cling to religious meaning. Pfft. In any case. Thursday is a day off and we all know there is no point to going to work between a holiday and a weekend, so I've booked off Friday and therefore am going to enjoy a lovely 4 day weekend in the forecasted +9 weather. Hoo hah!

The long weekend should give me some much needed catch-up time wth photos and I really want to write about Hamburg before it disappears into the foggy mists of time like most of my travel stories.

It's past 11 and my new rose wine is putting me to sleep.... Goodnight.