Future Landscapes


alles gut zum geburtstag (i turned 27)

I have worked so much in the past 3 weeks, that I am actually getting used to German keyboards and am having trouble using a regular English keyboard. You see, the 'y' and 'z' are switched on German keyboards, and that makes things a little funnz. Zou see?

So, work. It has been crazy. The competition we just finished is in Hamburg and it's quite a big urban design and open-space / landscape project. I can't give any details until the jury process is over, but this last week we had about 10 people in the office working solely on this competition (which is a lot when normally 4 or 5 people might work on a competition.) So far I am still left out of the design process, except for the most basic schematic design, and I'm quite sure that this is because all the discussions are taking place in German. I don't think it's because they doubt whether I'd be useful or have any good ideas... I really just think that they don't want to make the effort to explain or discuss anything in English. 

Also, I'm quite good at 3D, drafting, and photoshop... so they are always asking me to do the visuals instead of helping with the design. I do want to feel that I am contributing something to the design, so in the next competition I'm going to ask to help with the detailing of open space and not just visuals. On the other hand, sometimes it is nice to have an 'area of expertise' that no one really bothers you about, save to tell you at the end that you must desaturate everything for it to match the plans in the layout *sigh*

Onto better things: my birthday! In spite of the fact that I was working like crazy, my time management skills came in quite handy. I stayed a bit later on Tues/Wed so that I could take Thursday and Friday evening off. The weekend was filled with such delights as cake from Koriat, pistacio filled mini-magnums, tickets to see Laura Marling (which was awesome), and a sunny brunch at Restaurantschiffe Van Loon. I still managed to finish the perspectives with time to spare, which obviously just meant that people could nitpick about stupid things like what color the benches in the far off distance are. 

OMG. I wish we had normal internet at home because I would upload the best ever video of me popping the cork on my birthday cava. It is so funny! In the meantime, have some photographic evidence of how awesome our lives are.

Which reminds me: Robyn has the best album ever and you should purchase it immediately for instant gratification of your Swedish tech-pop cravings.