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Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum)


A few Fridays ago I was able to take some time off in anticipation of working the weekend... (ughhh weekends at work...) I met Jed at the Museum für Naturkunde on Invalidenstr. for an afternoon adventure looking at items of geological interest!

The museum boasts the following:

> Tallest dinosaur skeleton in the world (brachiosaurus);

> Oldest and only fossil feather, at 150 million years old;

> Original skeleton of the 'missing link' between reptiles and birds (see above photo)

> Crazy huge collection of taxidermized animals;

> The coolest publicly-accessible cold-storage room for preserved specimens I've ever seen. (and actually, the only one I've ever seen!)

All this on funding of less than the European average of 1.45 eur/specimen. For comparison, Ottawa's Natural History museum gets $11.45/specimen. And I am pretty sure it is not as awesome as this place.