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Prenzlauer Berg / Oderbergerstrasse 18

 Moonrise Kingdom - Oderberger Strasse

Moonrise Kingdom - Oderberger Strasse

Just got back from a crazy week in Montreal, followed by a crazy overnight trip with my office to documenta 13. For now, just some pictures from our new apartment and area.

We went to see this apartment in July but went away from the meeting feeling like we'd never get it; communication seemed a bit strange and we weren't sure we'd made an impression. It was therefore very surprising to get a phone call from the landlord later that afternoon saying we could have it! Now it's ours for a whole 6 months - the longest of any place we've had so far. 

Jed's been doing some runs in this area and wanted to show me this beautiful trail that goes from Nordbahnhof Park and up along Berlin's other, hitherto unknown, canal - the Panke Kanal. This explains the naming of our larger district - "Pankow."