Future Landscapes


The first week: Scary.

I am more scared to go to work today than I was yesterday. They made me DO THINGS. Like... DESIGN THINGS. It was SCARY. And I didn't eat lunch at the proper time because no one told me it was lunch time. I know, I know. How do you miss lunch? People leave! Well, only half the people left and I thought they might be going to a meeting or something. There's really no excuse. But afterwards I was too embarrassed to get out my lunch and eat it like the first-day-at-work loser that I was.

More impressions after I get through the week. I feel like I may be fired at any moment because the partners will be like *hit selves on forhead* 'who hired this person? This was a mistake!'

Oh and don't go on about positive attitudes. It's vital that I am allowed to feel badly about my performance for a while.