Future Landscapes



A few days after we got back from Canada, we moved into this lovely apartment on Arndtstrasse in Kreuzberg. It's in the Bergmannkiez just south of Gneissenaustr. I am so stoked to be on the 4th floor again as it means we get sunshine. And sunshine in the wintertime means not losing yourself in bleak depression.

More random facts:

> We've ordered the Rosetta Stone German course and we're super stoked to start. It should get here within the week. You just watch, I'll be able to tell you if the boy is over or under the airplane in German so fast, your head will turn.

> My first day at work was supposed to be tomorrow, but they have a competition due so I have been granted one more day of freedom. I plan to give the piano a good workout. I'm so nervous... but the promise of a paycheck is starting to help me get over the nervousness. 

> The government approved us for loan repayment assistance, and we're stickin' the interest to Stephen Harper until June. Damn rights we are!

> I crippled myself for life by doing 75 calf raises, which just goes to show you how dangerous exercise is. 

> I've managed to do the following things in mangled German: order 500g of ground beef from the meat counter, procure a tax card for 2012 from the Finanzamt, and ask for my croissant to go. Small victories!