Future Landscapes


I am employed: cue rejoicing!

Yes it's true! I badgered and badgered until someone relented and gave me a job. I am trying to hold onto the pain and desperation of the last 6 weeks, to keep some kind of reminder about how cold and hard it is in the world. But it's difficult to maintain when you wake up with a tingly happy feeling, satisfaction that something is working out; knowing that the future can progress and that christmas cards can finally be printed and sent!

Reasons to rejoice outside of having a job: 

wery wery good looking.jpg

The even better news is that I have ANOTHER job. Maybe. Jed's company has asked me to come in to discuss doing post-production work on some visuals for the competition due in 2 weeks. It's just a small thing, but really cool :) And then I will have REALLLLL WORK ON MY RESUME HURRAHHHHHHHH! (oh and money).

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