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Co-working in Berlin

Lately I've been seeing things related to co-working: people of similar creative background renting out workspaces and working on their own projects... together. 

It's also good for you!

There are a lot of co-working places in Berlin, for quite cheap. You can rent a workspace with desk, WLAN and a phone connection in a renovated loft warehouse for 90 eur/month.

I was thinking today that it might be nice to have a specified 'office' where you can feel imbued with a purpose and have an atmosphere of professionalism. And I'm not just saying that because I regularly stay in my PJ's until 11am.

I have no problem getting up and working. I often wake up around 7:30 and begin my day in front of the computer before eating breakfast. But it's very hard to get out of the house once I've started working. And it is definitely hard to get a sense of purpose when you work from home. Even though I mostly detested the studio atmosphere of architecture school, there was something nice about keeping a schedule and having a place to show your work. Having people to chat with. Being able to see other people working on their own projects.

This morning I researched several competitions that I'd like to do. Some are easy--I just have to revise my thesis work to fit the graphic requirements and can hand in my material pretty much as-is. Others require ground-up planning and design. It makes me giddy with excitement to think of doing some new projects, but I really would like a dedicated work space. 

Anyways. I'm thinking about co-working. I could also consider it as necessary research for one of the competitions, which is to design a co-work community in Madrid. 


I'm going to the bank now.