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Attired for Business

Surprise! I have an interview today at 3pm. Surprise! I have another interview tomorrow at 3pm.

All this businessy work stuff. Good thing I like dressing up like an adult sometimes. 


I have this idea in my head that I'm going to lay down the law about working late and not getting paid overtime and stuff. 

Interview in my head:

Awesome firm: So Stephanie, what are your expectations in terms of salary and work conditions?

Me: I want 2000 brutto to start and I'm not working past 6 without remuneration.

Awesome firm: But you're a recent grad, how can you make these demands?! What about having a flexible team attitude?

Me: My flexibility ends where my paycheck ends! I'd also like you to cover the cost of German lessons.

Awesome firm: Wow, you really know what you want! I like a person who has standards. You're HIRED!

Interview that will most likely occur:

Awesome firm: So Stephanie, we're willing to pay 1600 brutto and no overtime. How does that sound?





Interviews as they happened:

Awesome firm #1: We're willing to pay 800 EUR/month since you don't speak German.

Me: *gape*

chk chk.... REJECTED.

Sorry, but I'd rather drive a taxi then work for less than minimum wage. I may be unemployed, unexperienced, and un-rich, but I'm also un-stupid.

Awesome firm #2: To Be Continued.... *mystery*

Additionally, I have 2 more interviews in the next week :)

As mom so wisely stated... 'If you throw enough spaghetti at the wall, some of it has to stick.' [presuming wet spaghetti...]