Future Landscapes


The leaves fall slowly to the ground

Today: Awesome.

Perfect fall weather, again. I wish our apartment was higher up, or wasn't completely enclosed into the courtyard. Sometimes I go whole days without realizing there's a sun outside. Today we emerged bright and early to find the fog lifting and the sweet smell of fresh baked pain au chocolate from the Croissanterie next door. After 4 intense loads of laundry (guests coming this week) we decided to take a walk along the canal.

Südliche Lohmühleninsel is an island located on the Landwehrkanal - the canal that runs along the northern edges of Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg and therefore was a part of the division between East and West Berlin. When Germany was reunited many of the former border areas were made into parks, and the Lohmühleninsel was recently made into a sports area to connect the canal with Görlitzer Park. The park was designed by Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten of Dresden.

Wheee, pretty! I love fall. I wish every single day could be a sunny, warm, autumn afternoon like this one. We topped it off with fritz honey-melon lemonades from the corner store on Pannierstrasse.