Future Landscapes


Park am Gleisdreieck

For 40 years the former train yard and paths in Berlin next to Möckernstraße were let to grow fallow and it is on this landscape that Park am Gleisdreieck is now situated. Atelier LOIDL of Berlin won the competition for the urban park design and the eastern part was opened in September, 2011. 

The train yard sits between Kreuzberg and Schöneberg and closes the gap between the two neighborhoods by providing a large public space for both. The park has a mix of big open lawns, lush overgrown forest, and a main path system that opens into smaller, more concentrated activity spaces.

The park has a distinct difference from the other parks in Berlin - or maybe it's just that it is so new it hasn't had time to get properly grimy yet. I am sure the grass will grow wild with weeds and people will start burning things on the lawn for lack of the existence of barbeque pits here, but I believe that this park will keep the bones of its good design. Here's to hoping.