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Horrible Customer Service
I was a regular customer and would order online and the driver would call upon delivery and I would pay with no issue. The first incident was minor and my order totalled $36 and I had a 50 dollar bill. I planned on tipping him $4 and wanted $10 back. When he arrived he said he left the money bag at the store and said I should have let customer service know I was paying with a 50. I told him I placed the order online so I didn't talk to anyone and I didn't think I had to notify them seeing how the change I would be getting back was a small amount. So I told him there was a convenient store nearby. I had to wait for him to go there and come back with my change. He never apologized but again said next time let them know when I'm paying with a 50. After that I ordered many times without incident.

Then one night I placed an order online which totalled $45. After an hour had past I called the main number to find out the status of my order. I was wondering did they even receive the order? Was there a traffic issue...what? Because they never took that long to deliver before. The Customer Service rep was stunned that my order hadn't arrived an she told me that my total would be discounted to $24 and put me on hold to contact the 241 Pizza store to find out what the hold up was. When she came back she let me know that they had hired a new driver that wasn't familiar with the area. Right after I got off the phone with her the 241 store closest to me (3155 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON) called asking why I complained on him. I explained that I did not call to complain but to find out what was going on with my order. He then told me that if I pay $24 instead of $45 that he would give me food poisoning and he would not deliver to me again because it would be my last order. He also let me know that he is the owner and had to make 6 pizzas and asked if I knew how to make a pizza and if I would prefer the pizza to be cold or fresh. And it takes 30 minutes to make a pizza. He also kept repeating that my address is far away. His franchise's location is at Markham & Eglinton I'm near Kingston and Lawrence, so clearly that was a lie. I told him that the customer service rep was the one who changed the total and he said that's the agency and not him. As if he owns the brand and is a one man show and 416-241-0241 is a seperate entity. When I got off the phone with him I called customer service to cancel the order and let them know what he said. They told me that they would let head office know and would follow up with me. Then the delivery driver decided to call right after to let me know she was outside I told her that I had already cancelled my order because her boss had threatened to give me food poisoning. So she said she would call him and let him know. She called me back and said that he was only joking. She said he told her I was a regular and he wouldn't do that. Even so why say that I asked? I asked her would you want to eat food from someone who said that to you? She laughed and kept saying he was joking. Then I asked her, was he joking when he said it would be my last order? So beware of ordering from 241 Pizza's Markham & Eglinton location. The owner is terrible at customer service. To him the customer is never right and he may give you food poisoning for whatever reason.

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