photos and a shameless plea to expats:

celebrity hot tub.jpg

Dad's hot tub and Marlene's rum... always a winning combination.


Biking in the Edmonton river valley

foreskin awareness.jpg

Awareness is the first step towards acceptance


Hanging out publicly, sans alcohol or garbage (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

high level bridge.jpg

Mountain bikes... so uncool.


The most awesome outdoor pool ever

ping pong.jpg

When you don't feel like furnishing your house, just buy a ping pong table!

saskatoon berry pancakes.jpg

Saskatoon berry pancakes in the morning :)

us are good.jpg

BFF's if only because we match so well.

Right, so, onto the shameless plea:

Expat internet friends... I have an announcement. I am moving back to CPH in approximately one week, and am looking for a temporary, preferably furnished, room to rent in Copenhagen while I search for work and collect unemployment insurance. I need the room from September 1, and am only looking for something temporary before I go to Germany to learn German (see, there is a plan, sort of...). By temporary I mean, for like 23 days.

Do you have a closet, mattress, couch, room, or other feasible sleeping arrangement to rent for 3500kr or less? Do you like architects? Or do you know someone who fits these conditions? If so, I might be your/their ideal temporary renter!! I am quiet, clean, considerate, and will amaze you/them with my capacity for imbibing coffee and books...

I know I should have joined the expat online community a little earlier for this to have maximum efficiency, but at the time I was like 'they're all bastards, who needs 'em?' you know? Which has really come back to bite me in the arse... 


Well, better late then never, right? After all, I do play my role in providing near endless entertainment and visual joy to the interweb.

All my love!