Future Landscapes


Things that make me giggle:

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Not only are there going to be thunderstorms, there are going to be EVIL THUNDERSTORMS.

Actually, I experienced an EVIL THUNDERSTORM yesterday evening, and by golly, it was pretty crazy. There was near continuous thunder from about 5pm, but the rains didn't start until later. The lightning came in flashes every 15 seconds, the rain flew in all directions at once, and at some point there was insane hail that turned the sky white, like it was snowing.

Looking forward to more of that...

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Børge Mogensen chairs competitively priced to undercut the Danes.

Danes go crazy for Danish chairs. These ones were made in the 50's or so, and they sell new for gajillions of kroner. They are possibly the most uncomfortable chairs ever invented, and according to Børge himself, they were supposed to be uncomfortable to keep people from falling asleep in lectures. *clap clap clap* well done Børge!

There are a couple sellers on the Danish second hand websites trying to off their versions, but they've never experienced stiff competition before. Enter Stephanie with her low opinion of danish furniture!

On a related note, I'm pretty sure I'm accumulating karma these days because I'm selling furniture that I paid nothing for! And my pocket is not complaining. Now I can actually afford one last brunch at cafe 22.

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YES!!!! FINALLY! We all knew the Canadian accent existed, but it's been ignored by online tests for as long as online tests have been around. And I think we can all recognize the importance of having an online test that can identify your accent. Technology is amazing!

What I like about this is that it's totally true. People assume I'm from American all the time, but you should see their faces light up when they find I'm from Canada. What is it about Canada that makes people think we are super cool? We're like Australians in that way. They're so non-threatening and cute.. you can't hate an Australian.

4. I may actually have more architecture supplies then clothing. Given, I've decided to donate a proverbial crap-tonne of clothes to the second hand store, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of watercolor paints, my thesis sketchbooks, and a truly disturbing number of pencil crayons.


I swear, I've seen more wang in this country then I ever could have wanted to, assuming that I was the kind of person who wanted to see wangs. But please. Tell me why this happens! We used to just have the one guy in the back courtyard window, who used to open his blinds in the bathroom and put his leg up on the counter while shaving his genitals. Now there's another one from the front window. I think he even put on a little show yesterday night, there was a distinct and purposeful hip-jiggle before he sat down on the couch to commence his evening TV. Watching TV naked - is it really all it's cracked up to be?

It's not just dudes though. The other week, I saw a girl running around in her thong, doing household chores. It's like a pervert's delight here.

What runs through your head at such a time? Is the naked person thinking 'ba hahaha, in the cover of darkness NO ONE SHALL SEE ME, I AM INVISIBLE!!!!!' or do they have a conscious desire to expose themselves?

Mysteries that will never be solved....