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Niagara Falls

niagara falls_07.jpg

Is so beautiful! I haven't been to the Canadian side of the falls since I was about 8, and you know what it's like sight seeing as an 8-year old. Who cares about the water, where are the rides, toys and candy?

The weather was pretty awesome, hot and sunny with a cool watery mist coming in from the falls to keep things temperate. Not much more I can say, just that it was a nice drive and a great day :)

Oh wait, I did think of one more thing to say. We noticed that crowds of people were able to sit nicely in the park WITHOUT MAKING A HUGE CIRCLE OF GARBAGE AROUND THEMSELVES. Are you amazed? I was amazed. I was like 'look at all those nice people, sitting in the park and nary an errant tissue to be seen! They've all managed to have picnic lunch without destroying my will to live!' It was pretty awesome.

Water. Lots and lots of water.

niagara falls_05.jpg

Still lots of water.

Did I mention the water? Cause there's lots.

niagara falls_10.jpg

Okay, I know... but really, the water!

niagara falls_11.jpg


niagara falls_14.jpg

It's a me!

niagara falls_me!.jpg

Communing with nature: there's a 90% chance that the squirrel is hooked on nuts dipped in Tim Hortons coffee.

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