Future Landscapes




It's hot and it smells like cows.


The hotness has decreased somewhat, but when the train arrived in Toronto on Monday, it was something like '31, but feels like 37' which is just too damn hot. On the other hand, at least it's summer!

Things that I've noticed that I forgot about:

The minuses:

  • there is a lot of water in toilets and it seems like an awful waste.
  • cars cars cars parking lots parking lots parking lots. Smart centers. Sad, ew, why?
  • food is cheaper but it feels more expensive because I can actually relate to the numbers. When something (e.g. coffee and cake) costs 50kr I don't immediately think 'that's almost 10 bucks', I think, 'that's relatively normal for Denmark.' But when the same thing is, let's say, 6-8 bucks in Canada... it seems really expensive.
  • public transit in small cities sucks. I'm basically isolated from anything unless I have a car. Even walking to get a slushy at the gas station involves a 15 minute walk in one direction.
  • downtowns in small cities suck and are also very creepy. Why is that? I was looking for a cafe in downtown Kitchener and I actually felt unsafe.

The pluses:

  • even Toronto people seem nice compared to Danes.
  • people LINED UP for the bus in Montreal. INSANITY.
  • people apologize for coming within a meter of you on the sidewalk and it's really funny. I've also had runners say 'excuse me, coming up  on your left' on the sidewalk.' Awww... *rumples Canada's head*
  • diversity! many cultures and colors and languages and it's all completely normal... no one questions whether the person with a headscarf is Canadian or not, and in general no one cares.
  • mad fresh produce
  • garage sales!

The 'plus or minus depending on how you look at it' group:

  • Quebecois accents, funny and disturbing at the same time
  • POUTINE, so delicious, yet so unhealthy.
  • TV Commercials and advertisements. "Does the scorching pain of acid reflux keep you up at night?" "Dan's Discount Mattresses: We'll give you a Dan-good deal" "Lemonade: now made with real lemon flavor!" Cheesy, sometimes funny, but mostly depressing.


And now, Montreal:


CPH is not the only city on earth with bikes.


Olive & Gourmande, delicious!


The Plateau (I'm not sure if that is what the area is called or if that's just what Jed called it).


urban typologies

mtl_silly canadians.jpg

Lining up for the bus (?!?!?!?) Politeness! Insanity!


Beautiful trees.

mtl_yard sale_01.jpg

Yard Sales! Who knew haggling over things that cost a quarter could be so much fun?