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I had this idea...

Okay so I had this thought a while ago, that I would start an anonymous blog called 'WTF are you wearing?' or even 'DAMN, WTF ARE YOU WEARING??' or maybe 'STOP WEARING THAT' or something. And it would feature the strange people of Denmark who willingly wear the silliest things I've ever seen.


But it turns out someone already did it. Except they are completely serious, like, 'look at the fashionable people of Copenhagen!'




I here present a short summary: FASHIONS FOR WOMEN IN DENMARK.

1. (used?) oversized mens blazers and really short shorts/tights

For all those times it's warm enough to wear 3" shorts but cold enough to need the comfort of a man's jacket.

***Also belongs in 'funny hats'***

***Also seen in 'funny hats' and 'oversized scarfs'***

2. Extremely oversized jackets when it is +15 or more

In slight defense of this trend, I can completely understand the urge to wrap oneself in an extra-large duvet and trundle off to work/school in this country. The weather in the winter leaves a lot to be desired and everyone is half-asleep or half-drunk or both for 6 months of the year.

I just don't get it when it is actually warm outside.

***Note, this also belongs in the 'oversized scarfs' category***

***Also seen in 'funny pants'***

***Also seen in 'funny hats'***

***Note, this also belongs in the 'strange obsession with fur jackets' and 'platform shoes' categories***

3. Platform shoes

Like Danes weren't tall enough as it is, they like to trod about in 3-6 inches of extra height. I don't know how you can pedal a bicycle or walk on granite cobblestones with shoes like this, but serious kudos to this girl who figured out how to mix socks, sandles, and platforms together all in one glorious moment!

There you have it. Now you know what to pack on your next trip to Denmark.