Future Landscapes


unfettered by common formalities..

I had the strangest experience with a Danish today.

I'm out for a walk to rest my eyes. Phone vibrates and I see a Copenhagen number that I don't recognize.

me: Hello?
Danish: English or Danish!?
me: *confused* uhm, English please.
Danish: I am coming to take photos of your department. Saturday at nine-four-five. Okay?
me: *still confused* my... department? *pause* May I ask who's speaking please?
Danish: What?
me: Who is this?
Danish: Per.
me: Per.... (?)
Danish: Yes, Per.
me: And you want to come take photos of my department.. at school?
Danish: *silence*
me: ...On Saturday? *still confused*
Danish: Yes, of your apartment.
me: Ohhhhhhh. My apartment...

Upon which time the heavens opened up and I realized that Per must be a real estate agent acting on behalf of our landlord, who wants to sell the apartment after we leave.

Let me give you a hint, Per.

When phoning someone for the first time, it's common courtesy to introduce yourself and state your business in a way so that everyone understands what is going on.

You want to come take pictures for showing purposes. This is all fine and good. But honestly, to expect me to read your brainwaves over the telephone is making far too much of my renouned intelligence. Especially these days when my brain is the consistency of mushy scrambled eggs.

Is this common? It seems a rather strange way of conducting business!