Future Landscapes


post-mid-crit laziness

It is 1:04 on Saturday afternoon and I am STILL IN MY PJ'S DOING NOTHING. *pumps fist* I am awesome.

You really enjoy laziness when it's contrasted with busting-your-ass-ness.

Breaking news: someone just came up the stairs and knocked at my door and I sat absolutely still and didn't answer. Why? I have no idea. I watch too many crime shows and anticipate that one day when I open my door I will be brutally murdered, perhaps.

Or brutally witnessed to, ha ha. Mark me down as a H-B-H ("home-but-hiding," for all you non ex-j dubs out there...)

Or maybe it was the Danish Publisher's Clearing House with a giant cheque?

Or Dong Energy coming to aflaese my meter?

Who knows.

Oh wait, maybe it was a package from the post!

Rushing downstairs to check my mailbox for errant postage slips now...