Future Landscapes


It's just that...

The thing is, that I have been sucked into a reading vortex and I can't get out. Simply can't get out.

Stieg Larsson. Damn you, Swedish crime novelist!

Yes, I am on the third and final novel in the Millenium series ('The girl who played with fire' etc.) So dang good. So dang addicting. Have ignored thesis since yesterday morning and I'm on page 476.

The only solution that I can see is to finish as soon as possible. That way I can get it over with and get back to the real world.

Elsewise, what is new? Um, hmmm. It has been a lot more sunny this month than I remember last year. I started bouldering with Jed on Sunday nights and it is a frustrating yet fun thing to do. I have no grip and sometimes the wall hurts me (mean wall!) but it is very satisfying when you can finally solve the 'problems'. I still get scared being high up with no rope, but Jed promises to break my fall with his body or something. Or maybe just stand aside while I crumple on the concrete floor. Ha ha! Jussssst kidding. There are thick, luscious crash pads strewn about to prevent the breakage of bones.

Recently our friend, previously from Dal but now studying in Lund, was in CPH to pick up her boyfriend who was visiting form Newfoundland. While here, we went for beers at Mikkeller bar, possibly the only place on earth that I will drink and enjoy beer at. It's not really a bar so much as a very well-lit and upscale pub, with a down-to-earth clean feel. At rare non-busy times, the bartender will take pains to educate you in the art of brewing. 'This one was left in a field for two weeks to gather natural yeast from the air' etc. It's craftsmanship I can believe in, served with your choice of thick sausage or peppered chips. I vote yes.

Go see 'True Grit'. It is awesome!

We got tickets for Owen Pallett last week. He played at Vega and while I'm 50/50 split on loving and hating his music, I really enjoyed seeing him again. Last time was at St. Matthew's Church in Halifax. The only thing that marred the night was my $14 rum and coke resulting in brainal apoplexy and a sincere desire to inflict grevious bodily harm to Danishes for the existences of such brutal extortion. EXTORTION! BAH! *stabstabstab*

I did a lot of 'leg work' (um, no) in school last week, and by 'leg work' I mean sitting on my arse in front of my computer(s) testing out marker brushes in illustrator all to be told that my diagrams were not POETIC ENOUGH. Brain, brain, brain. Why must you try so hard when casual chalk strokes on brown paper will do the trick? This is also why you haven't seen my 'conventional analysis' on thesis blog. Diagrams were denied by my instructor. Though they were very clear, I am told. So, sigh. I also did more autoCAD tracing, illustrator line weights, and rhino extruding than you can shake a barrel of monkeys at, not to mention my gloriously poetic collages!

I want a Leica m9. If I don't get one, I may very well shrivel up and die. It is ONLY about 7 grand, and considering that it will cook your dinner, rub your feet, and pleasure you in ways you've only dreamt of, 7 grand IS NOT THAT MUCH!!! I'm telling you, people, just pool all money you ever planned on spending on me (i.e., in gas money, potential coffee dates, birthday cards, future cash gifts, etc) and do the right thing: I need it! Aghhhhhhh. (that is the pain of not having the m9.)

Oh yeah, funny news: I got a 4 on my last project. Remind me to put 'pissing on former instructors' ashes' on my list of things to accomplish before I leave here. It's not such a far cry considering they smoke with wild abandon (as only Danish people with secure health care can do). Maybe just pissing on former instructors. Sorry for the crudeness and callousness, it's just... I'm resisting the urge to make the throttling gesture with my hands here. Lucky that I live in a place that places the utmost value on freedom of speech bordering on insanity, with a severely screwed up sense of humor to boot, so I can utter such things with impunity! Ha ha ha! (I hope.)

Please do try not to be offended by this. It is a very unjust system of grading they have here, and for those unfamiliar with the Danish marking system, I should point out that a 4 is equivalent to a D in Canada. Well done, me!

No but seriously, that is just rubbish. Who gives out D's straight before a master's thesis? I am guessing that the grades carry absolutely no weight here, because if this was Canada, I'd be having some serious chats with the dean to see about my academic standing. I know it is a malicious grade, even moreso than last year's grading disaster. I am trying to move on in the hopes that one day (as I like to assure myself) "bullshit will reveal itself." Calm breathing, yes. I am zen.

Anyways, I'd best return to my reading. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can get back to work and ply you with more poetics. Whee!