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wind blows.

I don't know what kind of system is passing through here, but for the past 4 days it's been windy as heck and this makes biking really, really, really unfun.

It also makes my window at school creak a little. The previous inhabitant 'solved' this problem by taping the window around the edges with sketch paper. Have you ever used sketch paper? Otherwise known as tracing paper? Otherwise known as crackly noises with the slightest movement? Yeah.

Ummmmm what else is new? Jed and I decided to take the afternoon off on Monday in celebration of St. Valentine. It was a day of delicious treats, starting with some creamy creamy tarts. We then proceeded to make the best spicy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in earthly existence. I put it down to Jed's superior butter-creaming ability. We refrained from partaking of the cookies before dinner, since we had planned to go to Halifax Burger. If you've never been, you just can't know how delicious it is.

Here's a question though, which disturbed me throughout dinner. How and why do Danes eat hamburgers with knives and forks? A hamburger, as every North American knows, is DESIGNED to be eaten with hands. That is why the bun is there. To hold onto. Sure, the burgers at Halifax Burger are pretty huge, and I normally cut mine in half before consuming greedily...

But it really defeats the purpose of having a greasy burger joint when people are acting all superior, eating with knives and forks and probably with giant corks up their butts to keep them in the properly rigid posture. Plus, they look like damn fools. Harumph!

After dinner we watched Shutter Island. It was really good! It's the perfect kind of scary, in my opinion. Nothing supernatural or bloody, just pure mind-screwiness. The crazy part of it, you know, besides that it's about a mental institution, is that it was like an inception for Inception, because Leo DiCaprio is obsessed with his dead wife (again). Or rather. Before? (chronologically)... Anyways.

Soooooo..... I had to print my program book out in seven copies for the school. Do you want to know how much that cost? Of course you do! For seven 34 page, color, coil-bound books, it cost 960kr. Which is $171 CAD. Which is about $25 per book. And that is just pure eye-gauging ridiculousness. A quick visit to Staples Copy & Print Canada tells me I could do the same thing with better paper and nicer finishing for a mere $16/book. And that's not counting the 15% student discount. *grumble*

Wait though. Did I pay that price? No, no I did not. Ladies, never underestimate the power of tear-filled eyes and wobbly chin. I didn't intend to use emotional manipulation when I woke up yesterday, but you know. I can't control my anger sometimes, which manifests itself most often in tears! Ahhh, well. They deserved it. I paid a 800kr, a slightly more reasonable price.


The wind is still howling away out there... I think I am going to move over to the thesis blog now for some art historical ruminations.

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