Future Landscapes


I'm boring, deal with it!

Actually I'm not boring, I'm busy. But hey, same difference to you right?

I spent the last week writing a report. Well... I'll let you in on a secret. When I say 'writing a report', what I mean is carefully composing visual sequences in a graphically appealing manner for hours upon hours, to make my project from last semester explicitly readable to a four-year-old, and to 'reflect' and 'evaluate' with as few words as possible.

I'm starting to think that Danes can't actually read. 

But anyways.

That shiz-nit is over and done with, and I started thesis full-strength on Monday. All of a sudden I'm like a professional or something, with meetings, a google calendar, contacts in water chemistry departments at various universities, and all that. It's kind of overwhelming, this responsibility, but at the same time the autonomy is extremely fulfilling.

Also, I use commas a lot. Probably inappropriately.

What else? The days are dark and cloudy. Groceries are expensive. My wine bottle collection is evidence of a not so secret bend for pinot grigio. CSI Miami is still the best way to unwind after a long day of creative mental expenditure. I actually had vague ideas to write about how the filming of architecture in CSI Miami emphasizes the dramatic content.

Charles Dickens has not bested me yet, though it is taking me hella long to get through Bleak House. I think I started it for the first time when I was in 8th grade. It went on hiatus for about 13 years, my second attempt was slightly more successful, and now, as they say, the third time's a charm. Jeez, I read War and Peace faster than this book.

Oh yeah, and I got a rejection letter for an award which would have made me slightly more comfortable with the thought of throwing down a couple grand in printing expenses for my final presentation. Damn you, Canada Council. We will ever be at odds while you support people who go to the Bartlett! *shakes fist*

And now, for our closing act...

A promise, to me:

I solemnly swear to update my new thesis blog in an orderly fashion, at a minimum once per week, with photos, site plans, and some hopefully not so thick-headed ruminations. Notice the 'thesis' tab on the header above. In case I should not dutifully perform this task, you are all to whip me with leather straps lined with sheep bones and bring shame upon my head.