Future Landscapes


You are going to hate me.

Another blog for you to follow.


I was forced into it by my teacher who wants to see all our files uploaded to the interweb!!! BLAME HIM.


It's called 'My Urban Interior' and it's the place I'll be uploading all of this years files to do with design, inspiration, links for school, etc. Consider it my school dumping ground from now on. When you get to wondering 'what the heck is Stephanie up to these days while she's not posting on her blog?' go and check out that one, and you'll understand. Maybe.


I also would really encourage feedback from all the non-designy, non-architectural people. I want to work on my visual communication and representation this year, so if something isn't clear, let me know. Just keep the 'hey, u have a hot ass' comments to a minimum as my teacher and classmates will be following. And that would be semi-embarrassing.