Future Landscapes



So my flickr stats jumped significantly recently, and I was like, what's that all about? Turns out someone has posted a link to my photos of dirty old CPH on an architecture website that has an article about how green CPH is. The comment is in Spanish, but the gist of it is 'So Copenhagen is green? See these photos and make a decision for yourself...' or words to that effect.

*pumps fist* Awesome. I've enlightened 488 people so far.

But speaking of dirty.... (I am the queen of segues, face it)

Did you know that in East Germany, people's way of rebelling was to bathe naked? I visited this little museum in Berlin which talked about the way of life in East Germany, and found these gems of history:

Someone actually made a model of this.

Something's definitely going on between these two.

'The clothes they assigned us here in the GDR sucked, so we decided not to wear them!'