Future Landscapes



Woah! I love this.


I need to get me one of those.

Speaking of bikes, I might have found a new one! Thank you, 'den blaaaaaaa avis' (the blue newspaper). It's kind of like bargain finder, without the bargains.

Oh yeah, I was in Aarhus for the past few days visiting friends, my only friends who are actually Danish. I think they're kind of outcasts amongst typical Danish 'culture'. Get this: THEY DON'T DRINK OR SMOKE. People who live here will know how special this is. We spent our time kayaking, swimming, TALKING, walking, and watching Glee, with nary a carlsberg the whole time.

Aarhus is so cool! It's much more laid back than CPH, very pretty and the best part is, we had the windows open all night and there was no noise! Mmmm. You see, our apartment in CPH backs out onto a collegium with a swimming pool. Yeah. For those non-Danish people, a collegium is basically a dorm apartment for students. *holds head in hands*

Anyways. In Aarhus there's this sort of art-collective place. A place with workshops for wood, metal, ceramics, painting, fashion design, and photography. You pay a very small amount per month or year (100kr/month or 500/year!!!!!) and you can use the shops unlimited. They also sell materials for quite cheap. So my question is, WHERE IS THE COPENHAGEN BRANCH, EH? EH? Jed's directed me to Christianshavn Beboerhus (http://www.beboerhus.dk/), which does look cool I have to say. Only problem is.... it costs by the hour. The hour. WHY?

Sigh. Well I'm going to check it out anyways, because I was inspired by the ceramics and remembered how much I loved working with clay back in my art school days.

armless mermaid, how I loved you!

Well. So. With a potential bike, I am no longer housebound, I will go grocery shopping, do some errands, and start back with P90X. Thursdays are Yoga X. And maybe revisit some more of my travel photos, which I have not been very good at posting in order.

C'est la vie.