Future Landscapes




Check out all the awesome stuff I discovered in my mom's luggage for me! It took up at least 85% of the space, but that's what moms are for. THANKS MOM!

After 4 days of summer-like weather, we're back to rain and coldness. Which is really quite sad, because we're supposed to be on vacation, gol-darnit. Sigh.

I have to mention: The Copenhagen Post put up an article about the trash/littering issue this week! It appears that after the Distortion street festival, residents have become mildly disgusted by the trail of trash that got left behind. Hurray for small victories! The more people realize this is an issue, the more excuses we have for bashing in ignorant peoples' kneecaps at will. Of course, that's just one solution. We could also cut off the fingers of the guilty parties.

That'll learn 'em.