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protein overload

I recently discovered that the famed dish of Toulouse is "Cassoulet" which has a distant relationship to cassarole, perhaps, or maybe it's just the fact that they're served in earthenware dishes and start with 'cass.'

What is cassoulet? Oh boy. I'll tell ya.

Pictorial Ingredients:

1.3kg white Soissons beans;

1.3kg boned mutton;

1 goose, boned and chopped into pieces;

3 large onions;

6 shallots;

4 cloves garlic;

100g bacon;

1 veal knuckle;

100g smoked ham;

1 calf's foot

1 truffled pig's foot;

400g coarse pork sausage;

+ 800ml bouillon; 2tbsp tomato paste; 1 bay leaf; parsley; salt and pepper.

End result:

We have, let's see. 4 different animals represented here, in varying cuts. THERE'S AN ENTIRE GOOSE INSIDE. I've read that if you order this at Au Gascon, they will serve the whole kit'n'kaboodle in front of you, and expect you to eat it all. Seems... torturous?

I love bacon and all, but jeez, even this is a little much!

Toulouse is sounding pretty fantastic, however, and I'm looking forward to my 5 hours between landing/taking the train!