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Books, batting average, brunch

My choices for English literature are limited by 2 things here:

1. They print books in Danish here. WHO KNEW? I thought Danish was just a conglomeration of throaty garbles and confused tongue twisting, but apparently they have a written language as well. Freaky.

2. Although I hesitate to bring into question the monetary value of books, I have to object when paperbacks are listed as 279 dkk. That's $48. And.... yeah. Can we just say, I resent being gauged for my interest in reading?

Thus I shop at the second-hand book store where they have about 7 bookcases of English novels. Disregarding the crap (75%) and the entire section devoted to crime thrillers, I am left with a smattering of classics and some other items of interest.


I'd just like to let you know that I'm writing this to bring my blogging average up. 


Just kidding, also I am full of interesting tidbits. Like DANG, do they have good ice cream and sorbet at Leif's Is and Cafe! Hot dang, if I wasn't completely devoted to P90X, I'd be eating pistachio and chocolate every single day.

Speaking of which, I haven't died or accidentally amputated a limb while working out yet! And that's what I call success, people. I actually have been sweating like a pig. And as savoury as that image is to you, let's move on to other non-failures in my life:


I know you're all gonna be nice and forgive the slight gimpyness that this chair suggests. It is a prototype, and I worked dang hard to bend this cane into something worthy of being shown to other humans.

This is my 'sacraficial lamb' so to speak. It's the prototype I'll be testing joints and reinforcing on, and figuring everything out. Then I'm gonna take all those refinements to another prototype. I'm not going to even call it a 'final product' or something, because there will always be improvements to be made. And I'm still seriously doubting its ability to hold more than a cat. Let alone an elderly person....

But anyways. It's nice, right? Well I like it. In general.

Oh, and bonus tidbit I forgot to mention ages ago: found 49 kr brunch in CPH. FORTY NINE KRONER! Zing baby. That's a deal. Included was pancakes, bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, cheese, bread, fruit, and yoghurt! Jees dang, it sounds so good I wish I was eating it right now.

Hey, my count for 'dang' in this post is 5, including this sentence. That is the effect of SUPERMAN BANANA (only insiders know what this refers to...)

*makes shape of x with arms*