Future Landscapes


Born to be... occasionally unpleasant.

Things that have made me inwardly curse this week:

1. Michel Foucault. WHY? WHY WHY WHY? His nonsense is unending. It is the most frustrating thing when someone tries to convince you that Michel Foucault can have a positive effect on your life. I would venture that 99.9% of all people on earth will never be subjected to his claptrap, and thankfully so. His 'influence' (I leave it to the reader to determine whether this is positive or negative influence...) is therefore restrained to philosophy majors and the people who teach them.

I had to endure 2 hours of an instructor defending the usefulness and clarity of Foucault, and I realize it must be hard to face the fact that your career is a delusion... but COME ON!

The idea that Foucault was trying to avoid typical power structures in his writing of 'Discipline and Punish' and that explains why it is so opaque and (as Jed rightfully says) OBFUSCATED, is not only far-fetched but completely contradictory. How much education and spare time would a person need in order to understand not just the content, but the sub-content of what he's writing? That in itself assumes a pretty huge amount of financial and mental 'investment'--not something most people can afford--and badda bing, there we have a prime example of withholding something from the uneducated. And that's a little something I call power. Way to be.

2. DR and its evil counterpart, Koobenhowns booen (Copenhagen City). Sending us bills for the High Privilege and Honor of not watching their Danish channels and not listening to their Danish radio. Two things I do not own: Radio, TV. Two things I will not pay for: Radio, TV.

'I don't speak Danish, have no television, and I therefore cannot 'enjoy' what I'm sure is your excellent programming on either Television or Radio.'

'Oh!' I hear that smug Danish telephone operator say... 'BUT YOU COULD HAVE!' 

I have a highly inappropriate response for that which I will not share publicly. *wads up 1200 kr. bill and throws it out the window*

3. Danish smoke-a-holics sucking on their nasty cancer sticks inside the lobby of my department because they don't want to stand in the rain. You want to die a putrid death of blackened organs and tar-soaked esophageal cancer? Be my guest. But you're the one with the filthy habit, and if you love it so much, stand out in the GD rain instead of infecting the rest of society.

She said, nastily.

Okay okay, good things for which to be thankful for:

1. Spring rain, smelling like spring rain, little green buds sprouting because of spring rain. Spring rain turning gradually into spring sleet, and then spring snow. Not so great, but at least the weather gave it a shot. 

2. Lasagna. Is there anything funnier than pretending that just cause I made lasagna without meat, that it's healthier? When a recipe calls for cheese by the pound, say hello to your increased cholesterol. And say hello to GOOD EATIN. Yum!

3. My passionate reintroduction to the king of one-liners, Horatio Caine! Oh CSI Miami. We shall never be parted again. Ever. *squeeze*

"Stephanie... you're resisting arrest..."