Future Landscapes


Holy crap, I'm the boring-est person alive.

Because of my new realisation of the above FACT, I decided that one day I am going to abandon all pretences of being a grown up and move to Berlin and live in an abandoned flat with half a kitchen, and a soy-sauce stain under the sink that masquerades as a leaky faucet, and drink Gluehwein constantly with obsessive flat-mates who complain about cutting butter paper. 

[Edited to add: I forgot to mention that mom and I are going to Berlin after Iceland! EXCITEMENT. Oh baby, it's going to be awesome!]

Seriously though, life is starting afresh for me this spring. No more shall I be confined to the lovely but perhaps overly fond and constrictive walls of my apartment when the sun is shining. This just might mean I have to embrace humanity and sit on the dirt clumps that pass for 'hills' here, and breathe in the intoxicating scent of Christiania hash. No biggie. I'm up for a challenge. And, as my wise and dear sister has said... what have I got to lose? Besides all of my student loan money on basic living expenses, that is.

I've also decided to apply for a student internship with an Industrial Design group who is paying 12 500 dkk/month ($2, 282 CAD) for someone to cut, paste, and color. At least that's what I think I'd be doing. Maybe. If I got the position. Heavy reliance on the 'if' here, meaning, I should probably get to work on that portfolio. Hoohah. I should mention that this position doesn't start until August, but hey, it would be something. That just leaves July, and surely I can fill one month with productivity? 

All future plans aside, I found a cane-supplier here in CPH and am going to lovely Frederiksberg today to haggle over the stated 200dkk per half-kilo of cane business. By haggle, I mean submit. And then probably drink an overpriced coffee while trying to drum up some thoughts on how to actually build a chair. Dang it, architecture is so much easier when all you have to do is propose stuff...