Future Landscapes


hoo hah, springtime

The best part about springtime here, is that it is not Alberta springtime. -10? Snow-nados? 54 car pileups on the HWY 2? Oh Alberta. When will you learn that spring is for green buds and grass shoots and bunny rabbits and the return of warmth? Hmm? And sexual promiscuity? ...Oh wait.

Anyways, I am sad that I'm not joining the rest of my class in Milan this coming week.. but you can't have it all I suppose. Midterm reviews went relatively well, meaning that I did not get brutalized over any perceived lack of substance, preparation, or presentation. That's a good thing... right? Yeah, because in general the crits were quite... um.. direct. That's putting it nicely.

What's in store this summer? Hm, so many options. I did not get hired at either of the 2 firms I half-heartedly applied to so far. An intriguing email from Canada led to a lunch invite, not a job invite... I'm alienated from the paternal side of my family due to unending drama so who knows whether the 'graphic design of bid proposals' at KBR will pan out. Choices, choices. 

My best and most promising option is moving to Armstrong with Leona and cashing in on my Starbucks/Earls experience. Oh yeah baby, can't you see me working the patio? Hmm? 6 years of school and I'm still pretty much qualified to bust my ass for tips.

I feel like I've done the right thing investing in my self-worth with education *cough*

I would really love it if my tax stuff came in the mail so I could glorify in all the delicious cash the government is going to return to me. Tax free status is a small victory in the face of mounting student debt. 

Completely unrelated, but also of interest, is that I finished 'The Greatest Show on Earth' (after a 3 month hiatus) and am more convinced then ever that humans are the stupidest things to walk the earth since giant sloths. We may have the biggest brains of the primates, but we still essentially sit around and fling poop at each other... metaphorically speaking.

Animals are so romantic...


I must say we have our own special way to show love here... it's called 'who can put their cold feet on the other without getting the crap beat out of them or falling out of bed or otherwise incurring violence' ...A ritual very close to my heart ;p

Happy Saturday!