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The Danish Architect Who Could (sort of)

Verner Panton wanted to be an architect, but not everyone agreed that would be the best path for him...

When the Johnson's ordered their modern house, they were expecting something quite different.

Panton decided to start designing chairs to come up with the scratch to become an architect. He started working with Arne 'The Last Best Great Dane' Jacobsen, who pinned Panton with the label 'l'enfant terrible' to detract from his own bullish personality. Panton was no straight-laced modernist, that's fo-sho. In spite of the 'low' feelings between A-Jac and Verny 'can't keep my Pants-on', one can see quite a few similarities in their advertising methods.... 

"How to Take Off Your Clothes in Front of your Boyfriend" -1970

Unlike the 3107 however, the S-chair is not just for dirty strippers (or classy models)... It's also for the holy and deeply repentant strippers (or classy models). 

Glory Hallelujah!

Panton also 'designed' lamps. Actually, rumor has it that a salad bowl fell on his cat's head, but to detract from that fact he called this one 'The Flower Pot.'


A week after the cat incident, a salad bowl fell on top of a lightbulb. 

Well! If that ain't a showcase of Danish creative genius, I don't know what is. Hope you enjoyed this week's installment of 'Design(ers?)' (or something).