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Tandlaege (the Dentist)

We went for a check-up/teeth cleaning at the dentist today. It was my first time in a Danish dental office. This one was a very small establishment with nice paintings, conveniently located directly above one of the local grocery stores.


Missing from this dental office:


  • Polaroids of smiling cavity-free children
  • Prize cabinet or stickers
  • Free toothbrushes
  • A Dental Assistant
  • Flavored flouride


I ask you: what is the point of going to the dentist WITHOUT those things?! I especially missed my choice of 49 flavors of flouride. I mean come on. No one wants boring old mint flouride... I wanted marshmallow or bubblegum! And no free toothbrush?! Ahhhhhgg!


The dentist was nice, however, and while she wasn't able to skillfully manhandle the 4 different mouth-wands necessary for tooth-cleaning like some dental assistants I've visited, I do have to give her props for x-raying, scaling, hastily cleaning, and filling a small cavity in the space of 20 minutes. No anesthetic, but I'm brave.


That was pretty good news for me though, as typically when I go to the dentist, they say something like...


"Well, we're not sure how you've done it, but you grew a cavity inside a cavity and you've repeated this process on 9 seperate teeth, each one will take a masterful drilling technique that will require you to be anaesthetized for about 15 hours, then we will shine the scary UV light at you enough times to scare away any potential cancer for the next 10 years, and you will have to schedule seperate visits for these surgeries as we are not allowed by law to freeze both sides of your mouth at once in case you swallow your tongue."


Nope, nothing like that this time! Though... with a 20 minute appointment, I'm not sure how in-depth the examination really was. But I'll take it.

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