Future Landscapes


months and months and months

the hours and the days and the weeks-----blurring into months!


We decided, and by 'we', I mean 'I' (on behalf of the class), that the final presentation should be before Christmas break, so that the thesis students can have January for program writing in preparation for thesis, beginning Feb. 1


Hence... much busy-ness ensues!


It's getting colder. And rainier, and more depressing. My project to make a good urban space that can be viably used in poor weather becomes more and more relevant and more and more elusive as I conclude that absolutely no one in their right mind will want to hang about outdoors from November-April, and I might as well be making a warren of rabbit holes with subterranean lighting and water-bottle pillows instead.


All I can really say is..... check out my project website these days, as it's the only place I'm posting.