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pwnd! at the last moment.

So I have this old iBook G4 from one million and a half centuries ago. Or 2005. Either way, it's slow as the dickens and has a miniscule hard drive. So this summer I bought new RAM and a new hard drive for it. I know it's not going to be like a macbook pro or anything, but it should be enough to run some basic programs that I need for school.


I have done everything so carefully. I backed up the hard drive. I phoned apple and got new re-install disks since my old ones are lost in Canada somewhere. I got all the tools listed on the fix-it website. And yesterday, with my online instructions to hand, I set to work.

taking apart ibook g4.jpg

After about 40 minutes of unlocking the secrets to my computer, and noticing how disgustingly dirty it was, I reached the holy grail! Hard drive! Now, all I had to do was get those 4 last screws off so I can install them on the new hard drive....

pwnd_the end.jpg

Annnnnddd.... cut. Who has a T8 Torx screwdriver small enough to fit into this?!? I had a small hex for fixing bikes, but it didn't fit. Nothing I own will make these screws come out. Not pliers, not a small flat head, nothing. Bah! I need these screws to put the brackets on, which attach the hard drive securely to the computer. CRY! SO CLOSE!


Now everything is lying on the table, sadly. I have to wait until Monday to go to the electronics store and see if they can just quickly unscrew those screws from the old HD, and screw them into the new HD, and then I can go merrily back to work putting it all together again.


You know it really wasn't hard to do this, by the way. As long as you can follow instructions and record where the screws go, this is really easy.