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It's late, deal with it!

I'm up wayyyyyyy past my bedtime, which is a very respectable 11pm these days due to the insane amount of work I've been doing (haaaaaaaaa, cue laughing NOW).


I have a cold. Damn you germs! Infiltrating my carefully constructed battlements of one-a-day vitamins for women! It's one of those annoying colds too, where I cough twice about every 5 minutes, like it's some kind of schedule. *cough-cough*. There. I just did it. And it's a dry cough, you know? Not even satisfying with phleghm or green mucus. *cough-cough*


Actually I've done quite a lot this week, if you consider making decisions in your head 'a lot.' Which I do. Once you make decisions in your head you can make them in other places too, like your shoulder, your arms, your hands, and finally your pencil on the paper.


Soooo yeah. If you're interested, go check out my tumblr (link is in the 'about me' section). Cause I'm not doing the reposty thing right now.


Fantastic news: Tomorrow is THURSDAY! You may or may not know what this means, so I'll tell you. Thursday (being tomorrow) is the day that Suzanne, my friend of yore who now resides in Lund, comes to visit before picking up her boyfriend from the airport on Friday. And Thursday, as we well know, leads to Friday, and Friday is the day that Jed returns from Malta to much trumpetting, confetti-throwing, double-stuffed oreo eating, fine-dining, and Kulturnatten-nighting. Huzzah! Huzzah!


Sad news: I finished the final season of Gilmore Girls when my cousin was here and I feel soulless and empty without any future potential for romantic interludes between Lorelai and Luke. Guess this means that.... I'll have to start catching up on the new season of CSI Miami! HORATIO! God, he's pretty hot for an old guy. Don't you think?


I don't watch that much TV, honestly. Just a few shows that I am devoted to and must keep up with for educational purposes. *cough-cough*


Well, I think that's all the late-night blogging I can handle at the moment, so I'm signing off. Well, not visibly, but metaphorically. Nighty night!

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