Future Landscapes


Why am I so boring?

I don't know. I always have exciting, supersmart thoughts while I'm biking, about some witty bit of writing I will do on here. And then when I'm home, it's all like blahhhhhhhh. And I become the boring complainy person who has nothing exciting to write about.

So I was playing scrabble online the other day....

Just kidding. Well I was, but we don't need to talk about that.

Oh, I thought of 2 good things about Copenhagen. 

1/ Compared to London, I think that most people would think twice before running you down in their car. In London, I don't think anyone would care. They just run people down without thinking.

2/ There is free air! For bikes, I mean. You can easily top up your tires for free at the multitudinous bike shops along the main streets. That's really handy, in Canada you could easily walk 5km without finding a gas station with an air pump. So. Hurrah for free air!

Here's another one I just thought of:

3/ You can easily get by without talking to human beings here! You can basically grunt, nod, and gesture your way through all necessary interactions such as banking, grocery shopping, or getting pizza. This comes in handy for all those who hate small talk and outward friendliness. Like we really care how the cashier is doing today, right?

I'm going to make coffee and work on some photos now... (oh! the life of a student!)