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How to spend the weekend if you want to be pseudo-European

Part II

To be European, you must attain hair of super-cute quality, in a seemingly effortless manner.
Here, these kinds of haircuts cost upwards of $200. In Canada, simply request the services of the youngest apprentice at your local Fast+Cheap haircutting establishment. Embrace mistakes.

 Another acceptable outfit is having your shirt tucked into a high-fitting skirt (with tights, remember?) Preferably with a belt (not yet owned).

This kind of outfit is great for going to secret indoor second-hand markets and finding wonderful crockery. Also good for bicycling in the sunshine to contemporary art shows, buying fresh bread at a bakery, and eating Danish Brie on a bench by the duckpond in a park in Vesterbro. Accessorize with a printed scarf.
(Even relaxation requires the utmost attention to one's attire.)

Drinking wine while wrapped in a flannel blanket by the water is a mandatory Friday night activity. Similarly, eating a massive brunch is normal for Sunday.

Following Sunday brunch, any amount of inactivity is allowed. Being inactive out in public (i.e., a park) is best, but if you must stay at home, make sure it's a nice atmosphere. This relates to the Danish concept of hygge (coziness, or, alternately; the absence of all things annoying)

Careful attention to these steps will ensure that you too can at least give the appearance of being Danish.