Future Landscapes


I'm here!

I made it, we made it, it's all good! 

I'm at McDonalds right now, enjoying the free wireless and a chocolate milkshake (so what, I'm in Copenhagen but that doesn't mean I can't still enjoy fast food!)

We've been in the Danhostel since last night cause Erik and Margrit, our landlord/lady wanted us to have a few nights as tourists (I think). They booked us in and paid, I think it's nice, Jed is wondering if they have ulterior motives (like, the house is a dump). I am anxious to see what our place is like, and get set up so we can really feel like we live here now instead of just visiting. Mostly I want to get out my new computer and set it up and love it like my firstborn child.

Anyways, only a few moments left on my laptop as it's running out of batteries, but I'll post some pics soon!