Future Landscapes


I did insomnia.

Or should I say, I am DOING insomnia. Errrg! 

I feel like I took 14 ecstasy tablets followed by speed. My heart is beating and I can't make it slow down. I have nothing to be really worried about, but it doesn't matter! Whether from excitement, nervousness, or other, unless I am distracted to the point of exhaustion, I can't sleep. Grar.

Yesterday I got in from BC around 3:30. I heard last minute that I was invited for dinner at Grampa and Auntie Jane's so off I went to St. Albert. It was so nice! We talked and talked and TALKED. Grampa made steak for dinner and then Dani asked if she could do my hair. 

The girl is absolutely passionate about hair and makeup! She's going into grade 11 this year and has been taking cosmetology, as well as practicing at home with her own growing collection of powders, blushes, and youtube tutorials. She is already saving money to go to the Marvel school of Beauty, which is pretty serious business for $15, 000/year tuition. That's nearly as much as graduate tuition *jaw drop* 

So we made coffee and went downstairs to watch 'Lost in Austen' (about a London girl who finds a door to the world of Pride and Prejudice) while Dani worked magic with her comb and straightener. She did about 3 different hairstyles, each one cuter than the last. She works with such confidence and straight-forwardness, you can just tell it's what she loves doing. She is going to be great. 

I decided to stay the night since we hadn't even got a chance to look at my photos from Amsterdam & other travels. I woke up early, about 6:45 as usual and flipped through the IKEA catalogue. It made me more nervous and excited for Copenhagen, so I put it down again after vowing to visit Smaaland in Sweden (the place of origin for IKEA).

About this time people started getting up, so we had our coffee and mom called, so I chatted with her for a while. Me and Auntie Jane had 2 years to catch up on, which is a lot for grand-daughters and grand-mothers, so we talked basically non-stop until going to meet Jane's mom Maryanne for coffee and bringing Dani to work (she's full time at Staples until school starts). 

When we got back home, we started going through my photos. I love sharing my travel stuff with Auntie Jane cause she is so interested in everything! Art, architecture, different cultures... By the time we were done looking through pictures it was late afternoon and David was home from work. He's apprenticing as a tile-setter right now. 

I finally decided it was time for me to leave since I still had to pick up my contacts at Wal-mart and make my way home to spend the evening with Nancy. It was totally awesome cause we got home around the same time, and we're both like 'I'm so tired... can we order food and watch a movie?' 

So we got Pizza 73 and watched 'Willow' --cheesiest Val Kilmar movie EVAR! It was extremely entertaining, however. 

Erg, now it's nearly 11 and the stupid dog belonging to the basement renter is knocking it's body against the door and yelping. It's a teeny tiny poofy white 'dog' that just makes annoying noises and can't stand being alone. I might go kick it. 

Oh, the power of earplugs....

Going to pointlessly surf the internet now.