Future Landscapes


A photo update for y'alls.

A few shots from the Muttart Conservatory taken about 2 weeks ago.

1. Little lady bug hanging out on top of this unknown (to me) flower.

2. Teensy pink buds surrounded by crisp white flowers.

3. I don't know what kind of flower this is (surprise) but it looks tiger-ish to me.

4. The orchids were in bloom. And the conservatory keeps them freshly dewed for perfect photo ops.

5. Pink orchids lit from behind.

I am having a great deal of fun with my camera... In Calgary I took some night shots of the city from McHugh's Bluff above Memorial Drive, so I'll have to stitch them into a panorama at some point. I just wish I had more time to process photos, as it takes so long to upload, sort through, pick out the best ones, and post them. 

Just a note that I have to do very little actual post-processing in PS4 with my photos now. I used to have to adjust many things with my old camera: exposure, curves, levels, saturation, etc. With these, I sharpen them a tad and don't even bother to crop since I am better able to compose and adjust my settings in camera. 

Oh well, enough chit-chat. Time to get ready for work.

[edited to add]

OH, on the whole Danish Visa thing: I phoned the Embassy in Ottawa yesterday. They told me they had just finished processing it and had either sent it out the day before or it would be sent that day. Whew!

On the student loan front, I've received my assessment and notice for funding, though by next year I'll have maxxed out my loans. So, good thing I'm going to be finishing next year! The debt load leaves me queasy, but I'll get over it somehow. And anyways, now I DEFINITELY qualify for loan relief. Ahh, it's all worth it in the end, right?

Despite these two new developments, I'm still waking up worrying in the middle of the night. This morning for example... I was up since 3:30am.

*hits brain with a stick*

Oh well. Good thing I don't get paid to think.