Future Landscapes


Grar! *work stabby*

Only 17 more days left. Only 17 more days left.

Those are work days, of course. There's still an interminable amount of actual days left, well, maybe not 'interminable', but sometimes it feels that way! Then again, some days it feels like I don't have enough time to do anything.

Take this morning for example. I wake up in a hot sweat thinking about my passport, which is currently in the possession of the Danish Consulate. I got my new passport the night before I handed in my residence application, and that was about 4 weeks ago. Now I can't remember if I signed the damn thing, or if I actually put in an emergency contact, or an address, or anything! *tears out hair* Now surely, SURELY they would have called/emailed if I was missing something, right? But they said it would only take 10 business days, and it's been something like 18 or 19. 

I now have a headache in my stomach about this, though I'm completely powerless to do anything about it right now. Maybe on Monday I can call, but right now, on a Saturday, with a full day of floating on the Elbow River in front of me... NOTHING.  

I'm running on a limited number of weekends to do things with people, and I'm afraid I might have to become a hermit. 

Next weekend, (25-26)I'm going to pack all the things I want mom to store when she gets her new place. Then take the rest to Value Village, or Goodwill, or somesuch entity. 

That brings us to the long weekend in August, (31-03) where I've revised plans to make it out to Armstrong with Jenna where her mom lives since I couldn't get a flight to see Nat. 

The weekend after that (8-9) is my last weekend in Edmonton, where I will be doing something with Melissa, something with Nancy, and probably something with my father (if he remembers).

The weekend after that (14-17) I am flying out to BC to see Nat and hopefully her new baby!

The weekend after that (22-23)....

I will be in Copenhagen. SQUEE!

I'm taking pictures and have grandiose plans of stitching together several panoramas of the Calgary skyline, which I photographed from Crescent Heights and McHugh Bluff yesterday. I have so much I want to just 'record' so that I'll have it for future reference. And I want pictures of weird things like Smart Centres (those giant, endless, baking hot parking lots dotted with enormous box stores like Smart Set and Le Chateau Outlet and 50 different restaurants, none of which are fun to walk through, let alone drive in). Why? Could come in handy for an architectural comparison. Same with suburbs. 

My stomach still hurts. But now I think it's hungry for breakfast.