Future Landscapes



I hate overtime! Well. I like the cash dollars, but not so much the being at work on Friday when it's 25 degrees out. 

Ok. NEWS!! 

1. Today: MILLCREEK POOL.... you know you wanna... My room mate suggested it and I had to concur. It's going to be sunny and 28.

2. OMG. My camera is on ebay, brand new, with lots of neat accessories that I want/need, for $1200!!! That is way, way, WAY cheaper than what Future Shop offered me! By like, $600! I'm so going to do it. And, I feel better about it because...

3. We have potentially, probably, pending-on-photos, found a place to live in Copenhagen!! 

Jed requested of the administrator at school that we are looking for a place together, so she sent him the contact info of this couple they've used in the past to accommodate students. They have what essentially turns out to be a two bedroom house. They use part of the house during the day for their business, but we'd have 2 floors from what I gather: a kitchen and bathroom on the main level, and then 2 bedrooms and a living room on the first floor... Amazing, yes? 

Oh, did I fail to mention it is only 2800DKK per month each?? That's like, less than $600 each. It is the cheapest we've found for 2 bedrooms... heck, for even 1 bedroom apartments it's usually like 6500-7500DKK/month.

And it's about 5km from the school, plus being near to an amazing nature park and like 10 minutes from the sea bath at Kastrup. 


You're so, totally jealous.
Well, I think 3 things is a nice round list, so with that, I'm going to grab my old camera and go take some photos of the neighborhood, on this fine, early, Saturday morning. Ciao Ciao!