Future Landscapes


That was NOT nice and easy!

Weather, we need to have a chat. 

Don't get me wrong. I love snow and all. In fact, there's nothing I'd like better right now than a nice, soft, sparkly blanket of snow covering the city. However, as long as my main mode of transportation is a bicycle, you're just going to have to hold off on the crap weather until I get some appropriate weather accessories, like, I dunno. A jacket and or spiked tires.

And this whole 'gale force wind' thing? It's gotta go. Every night my neighbor's gratuitous pile of beer cans on the back balcony falls over, and at least one makes it onto our balcony. We're running out of love for recycling, FAST. 

Show a little love, weather. People would like you a lot more if you weren't so aggressive. Think about it.