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Through the Viewfinder makes me happy!

New photographic cheat. So, there's this thing called Through the Viewfinder (TTV). It's where you use one camera to take a picture of the viewfinder of a twin-lens reflex camera, like a Hasselblad, or Kodak Duaflex, or Rollei. To do this requires of course, that you own a twin-lens reflex camera, and then construct a dark tube where you insert the lense of your own camera inside, to take a photo of what the viewfinder of the other camera sees. You can see what I mean here.

For those of us who can't afford Hasselblads, or who live in countries where the shipping and import rates are exhorbitant when purchasing cheaper versions on ebay, there is a way to get the 'TTV' look. All you need is the internet, photoshop, and a photo.

First, fish through these blank images taken through various viewfinders and download those you like best (by going to 'all sizes' and 'download original')

  1. Open up the image in photoshop. Then open up the photo you want the effect on in photoshop.
  2. Drag the blank viewfinder image overtop of the photo. Resize if necessary using the transform command (command T on a mac).
  3. In the layers panel, where the dropdown menu says 'normal', pick 'multiply'.
  4. Drag the viewfinder image until you have it in the right place. Crop image to square.
  5. You might have to play with the levels if the image is too dark. I also like to desaturate a little bit.

See, I'm full of all sorts of useful information these days!

Here are some of mine: